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Equal opportunities

The implementation of equal opportunities in the research unit is interdisciplinary and at the same time takes into account the respective subject cultures. For the participating institutions, the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities is a top priority. For this reason, corresponding measures have been established at the locations of the research unit for several years. These measures cover all target groups, from pupils to students to doctoral candidates. In a fundamental first step, the study of engineering is presented to female students in a targeted manner in order to increase the proportion of female students.

In order to reduce the imbalance of women and men in scientific leadership positions in the medium and long term, the program "mentoring3" was established together with the universities of the UA Ruhr within the Research Academy Ruhr for female doctoral students and postdocs, which consists of the modules mentoring, seminars and networking. In addition, there are events for the exchange of information and networking for female graduates, doctoral candidates and postdocs with companies in the region, such as in the context of "" at the TU Dortmund University.

For many years, all project partners have been highly committed to reconciling work/study and science with family responsibilities. This begins with support for expectant mothers and students with children so that they do not have to give up their studies for family reasons. In addition, there is a school vacation childcare service and an emergency childcare service. Furthermore, all project partners offer a family-friendly infrastructure, e.g. breastfeeding and diaper-changing rooms, central parent-child rooms for students, a parent-child area in the cafeteria or a campus family office. Additional resources are provided on an individual and flexible basis to enable rapid accommodation of children and thus flexible research work, even during short-term visits and research stays.