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Chair of Materials Test Engineering
FOR 5250

Student works

Bachelor/Master thesis

Characterization of the fatigue behavior of additively manufactured TPMS lattice structures under physiological conditions

The student thesis will be performed within the research unit FOR 5250. The main objective is to characterize the microscopic and mechanical deformation and damage behavior under cyclic and corrosive conditions of PBF-LB manufactured and coated lattice structures of the alloy Ti-6Al-4V.


In this student thesis, the fatigue behavior with superimposed corrosive conditions is to be investigated with regard to its application in medical technology. Mechanical tests will be carried out on various TPMS lattice structures, whereby the deformation and damage behavior will be measured in the test using digital image correlation and thermography. Before the mechanical tests, the initial state of the material will be analyzed by computer tomography. After failure, the fracture surfaces will be analyzed by scanning electron microscopy.